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Want Highly Motivated Seller Leads In Your Market?

We're partnering with experienced real estate investors to generate high quality leads for their business every day.

How does it work?

Our team has spent millions running ads on social media over the years. We have seen great success using those skills to target motivated sellers for extremely low cost per leads. The only problem is we can't be in every market... This is where you come in! We're partnering with experienced real estate investors to run our proven ads in their markets.

We're not like costly Pay Per Lead services where they're selling you leads at a 500% mark up and you don't know where they're coming from or how old they are. We partner directly with you so that we win if you win. You cover the ad spend and a monthly retainer, we handle running all the marketing, creative, and management. We take a small profit split when you get deals.

We are very selective on who work with because we know the leads are valuable and we need partners who know how to close deals. If this sounds like you, apply below and let's scale together!

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